Franchisor Questions

Elmer’s Breakfast·Lunch·Dinner and Egg N’ Joe franchises are offered by We Are Crackin’, LLC, an Oregon Limited Liability Company (WAC). WAC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elmer’s Restaurants, Inc. (ERI) ERI and it’s predecessors have been the operators and franchisors of Elmer’s since 1960 and of Egg N’ Joe since the founding of that brand in 2015.

The initial franchise fee is $40,000 for each restaurant opened. The royalties are 4% of net sales for both Elmer’s Breakfast·Lunch·Dinner and Egg N’ Joe. Both concepts require a Brand Promotion Fund contribution of 1% of sales.

The estimated initial investment for an Elmer’s Breakfast·Lunch·Dinner is $1,047,750 to $3,209,500. The largest variable is whether the restaurant is a new-build or a conversion of an existing restaurant.

The estimated initial investment for an Egg N’ Joe is $712,000 to $1,573,000.

A franchise candidate should have a net worth sufficient to qualify for financing the project, including start-up capital. We Are Crackin’, LLC does not offer financing, but we will assist you in working with qualified lenders.


The general manager and kitchen manager of the restaurant are required to have restaurant operation experience. A comprehensive manager training program is offered to franchisees and completion of the program is required by the key people operating the restaurant.

Yes, in select markets.

Single-restaurant markets are available in certain Oregon markets and throughout the western United States. Multi-restaurant development markets are available throughout the U.S.


Timing varies considerably. Factors include whether the restaurant is an Elmer’s Breakfast·Lunch·Dinner or Egg N’ Joe, type of construction (new or conversion), design, permitting, and construction. The actual build-out process for an Egg N’ Joe is around 180 days. A conversion of an existing restaurant to an Elmer’s takes about eight months. A restaurant in an existing center can take as little as 10 months while new construction on bare ground can take up to two years when time for land use and permitting is included.

Yes. While the ultimate decision on a location is up to the franchisee has site specifications that your broker can use to identify potential locations. WAC also has an arrangement with a national company that specializes in retail site location and acquisition. We will work with you to analyze potential sites and advise on lease terms.

Egg N’ Joe requires a minimum of 3500 square feet under roof with 1000 square feet of dedicated patio. In colder climates where a patio is less useful, more interior space is required.

Elmer’s Breakfast·Lunch·Dinner requires a minimum of 5000 interior square feet. Existing restaurant of up to 7000 square feet are candidates for conversion. A patio is optional.

Elmer’s Breakfast·Lunch·Dinner is well suited for conversions of existing sites. We are experienced in turning existing restaurants into an Elmer’s.

The restaurant business is inherently labor intensive. A typical Elmer’s Breakfast·Lunch·Dinner will initially employee 70 people, with a staff of 40-50 at maturity. A typical Egg N’ Joe will initially have 50 employees, with a staff of 35 or so at maturity.

This is dependent on dozens of factors, including location, demographics, management, adherence to standards, and economic climate. As with any business, the entire investment is at risk.

We urge you to talk to existing franchisees in our system to discuss financial performance.

WAC is a full-service franchisor. Full on-the-job and classroom training is provided for you and your management team. For your first Elmer’s Breakfast· Lunch· Dinner or Egg N’ Joe restaurant, WAC will provide a first-rate opening team to assist you with hiring, training, and the first weeks of opening. While you will make all of your personnel decisions, the WAC team will work side-by-side with your managers to assure a well-trained staff.

WAC personnel provide periodic visits and inspections. Ongoing support with menu development comes from a full-time Head Chef. Our Marketing team provides extensive advertising and community involvement to further awareness of your restaurant. WAC has experts in all areas of restaurant development and operation that you can call upon as the need arises.

WAC conducts an annual multi-day conference for all operators that is filled with educational seminars. There is also an annual one-day business meeting to discuss the latest initiatives and developments with the brands.

You have already taken the first one: learning a bit about the franchise. To take the next step, complete our brief on-line application. A senior member of the WAC team will contact you so that you can learn a little more about the restaurants. You will also be sent a Franchise Disclosure Document, also known as an FDD, that is full of information about Elmer’s Breakfast·Lunch·Dinner and Egg N’ Joe.

After receipt of the FDD, we can meet, answer all of your questions, and determine if an Egg N’ Joe or Elmer’s Breakfast·Lunch·Dinner franchise is right for you.